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Struggles With Opening A Third Shop

I know many of you have been curious to know how things are going with the new Roseville store. We have had so many of you asking when we will open and you are excited and ready to shop til you drop!

Well, things have been really difficult and

stressful this go-round, which is why I haven't done any updates about it lately.

We've simply been trying to get through the process.

Store Owner Turned Project Manager

If you've read any of our other Roseville updates, you know that the contractor we originally hired to do our tenant improvements, or construction to get the store ready, was terrible at communicating with us and was dragging out the process.

Well, it gets worse.

In January, Stacy paid him $25k to continue working on the project. This would add up to $50k total we had paid him. Up to that point, only demolition of the walls and the drop ceiling had been done.

Once he collected that payment of $25k, he NEVER returned to the jobsite.

Well, I guess I shouldn't say never. Over the next few days, his workers showed up to collect their tools. We knew at that point that he was quitting us. Why els

e would he have his crew remove their supplies?

We tried reaching out to him about when he would be back to complete the work, but were met with excuses.

Two Months Of Delays

At that point we took matters into our own hands. We hired an electrician we trust, an HVAC company, an insulation company, ordered our own dumpster and began completing the work we could.

We finished the floors. We finished the demolition. We fired a crook.

The most gut wrenching thing for us is we had planned to be open in February. With the delays the contractor caused us, we are now anticipating opening at the end of April.

Invoices Incoming

To top it all off, we are also beginning to receive invoices from subcontractors that the contractor didn't pay. It leaves me wondering what he actually did with the funds we paid him.

When I confronted him and told him he needed to pay them or I would leave him bad reviews, he practically laughed in my face and told me he works off referrals and to do my worst.

Needless to say, I will be reporting him to the contractors board.

Light At The En

d Of The Tunnel

Thankfully, now that we have the new contractors onsite and working, we do finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We know we are in good hands and are sleeping better at night knowing our project will soon be done and this will soon be a distant memory.


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