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Local Treasures and Timeless Crafts: The Bliss Marketplace Peddler Fair

We are buzzing with excitement as the annual Spring Peddler Fair at Bliss Marketplace gears up to unfold a day of unique finds and joyful experiences. This year’s event is on Saturday, April 27th, from 9am to 3pm. As we walk through what the fair has in store, vintage lovers and handmade craft enthusiasts are in for a nostalgic and creative treat.

A Mecca for Handmade and Vintage Aficionados

The Peddler Fair this year gathers passionate vintage vendors and creative handmade craft vendors all into one event. Here, you’re not just shopping; you’re treasure hunting amidst a plethora of handpicked items that tell stories of the past and present. On the day of the fair, you will find so much to explore, with 50 vendors participating and showcasing their unique goods outside.

What's in Store for You?

The Finest of Handmade Vendors

Expect to encounter artisans whose craftsmanship brings the beauty of imagination into the tangible. From bespoke jewelry to hand-sewn quilts, every item carries the mark of personal touch and attention to detail. Discover a passion for intricate hand embroidery, macramé weaving, and woodcarvings that are equally functional and strikingly beautiful. The Peddler Fair is a celebration of timeless crafts. It's an opportunity to find something unique and one-of-a-kind. Each item carries a story and a piece of the artist’s heart.

Vintage Vendors with Nostalgic Narratives

The fair is a haven for those seeking bits of history to take home. Each vintage vendor provides a window into bygone eras, offering goods that exude character and timeless appeal. Experience the thrill of discovering vintage treasures from decades past. From home décor to clothing, each item has its own story to tell.

Tables and vendors outdoors for the Bliss Peddler Fair
This year's Peddler Fair showcases handmade crafts and vintage finds

Fun, Friends, and Memories

The Peddler Fair at Bliss Marketplace isn't merely a shopping experience; it’s a perfect outing to enjoy with friends and family. Foster bonds over the love for the rare and the handcrafted, creating memories that extend beyond the material.

Plan Your Visit to the Bliss Marketplace Peddler Fair

Grab your besties and mark your calendars for the Spring Peddler Fair. Set amidst the spirited ambience of Bliss Marketplace at 2529 Mercantile Dr. Suite C, Rancho Cordova, it's the weekend escape you didn't know you needed.

  • Date: Saturday, April 27th

  • Time: 9am to 3pm (Store Open till 6pm)

Don't miss out on exploring the labyrinth of local treasures, vintage finds, and handmade crafts. The Peddler Fair embodies the heartbeat of Sacramento’s creative community. Whether you're a serial collector or simply seeking inspiration, the Bliss Marketplace Peddler Fair is the place to ignite your passion for unique and heartfelt possessions.

Remember, it's not just about adding another item to your collection—it's about the stories, the hands that crafted them, and the timeless charm that each piece brings into your life.

Join us for a day filled with curiosity, craftsmanship, and community. For more details, connect with Bliss Marketplace on social media and stay updated on all we have to offer. We can't wait to see the community come together over shared interests and the joy of discovery. See you at the Peddler Fair!


Looking to add a piece of Sacramento’s artistry to your life? Search no more! The Bliss Marketplace Peddler Fair is where you'll find an eclectic mix of local treasures and timeless crafts. #LocalTreasures #VintageFinds #HandmadeCrafts #PeddlerFair #Sacramento


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