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Best Day Ever: Discover Vintage Shopping In Sacramento at Bliss Marketplace

Store interior with many different booths and vendor spaces
What will you find at Bliss?

Sacramento, a city where the trees are tall and the shopping options are endless, offers a unique experience for those who cherish the beauty of vintage finds and the thrill of discovering that perfect handcrafted item. Amidst the streets of our vibrant city lies a gem known to locals and sought after by visitors – our little piece of Bliss. From handmade gifts to vintage clothing, Bliss Marketplace is a haven for anyone looking for that next unique piece to add to their collection.

A Shopper's Paradise Across Three Locations

Bliss Marketplace Rancho Cordova – The Vintage Heartland

Nestled at 2529 Mercantile Dr. Suite C, our Rancho Cordova location opens its doors from Thursday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm. Here, the aisles are filled with nostalgia, and every corner you turn reveals another carefully curated stall brimming with treasures waiting to be claimed.

Midtown Bliss Home and Gifts – The Urban Oasis

In the heart of our city, at 2722 R Street Sacramento, and open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm, lays our Midtown space. This spot blends the urban vibe of Sacramento with the quaint charm of shopping local. Whether you are on a hunt for a retro lamp to light up your loft or a handmade necklace to complete your outfit – Midtown has it all.

Bliss Market Roseville – The Newest Addition

Our latest addition at 390 Roseville Square invites you to explore the allure of Roseville. Opening its doors every Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am-6 pm, this location extends the Bliss Marketplace legacy, continuing to serve the community with quality vintage goods and extraordinary finds.

Store front of Bliss Market in Roseville with flowers blooming nearby
Our newest location in Roseville

A Cornucopia of Rare Finds

It is not just a store; it's an adventure. Bliss is a place where each item tells a story, waiting for someone to write the next chapter. Our vendors take pride in hand-selecting each item, ensuring a diverse and unique selection for our customers. From antique furniture pieces to one-of-a-kind jewelry, we strive to bring you the best of the past and present.

As you wander through our aisles, you'll come across hidden gems and unexpected treasures. Our vendors are constantly restocking with new finds, so there's always something new to discover at Bliss.

A Community of Vendors and Shoppers

At Bliss Marketplace, we believe in supporting our community. Our vendors are local artisans and collectors who share their passion for vintage and handcrafted items. By shopping at Bliss, you not only support small businesses but also contribute to keeping history alive.

Our staff thrives on finding pieces that resonate with our shoppers' diverse tastes and we take pride in offering a shopping experience that’s both memorable and rewarding. Whether you're on the hunt for that elusive piece of mid-century furniture or seeking out the right gift for a special someone, Bliss is your ultimate destination.

An Invitation to Shop Local

For Sacramento locals, Bliss Marketplace is a beloved destination that reflects the spirit of our community – unique, friendly, and full of heart. If you're a vintage enthusiast or simply looking for a delightful shopping experience, please stop in and visit one of our three locations!

You'll not only uncover countless treasures but also support local vendors and artisans who make Sacramento’s shopping scene so wonderfully distinctive. And who knows? You might just have your best day yet in Sacramento, shopping at Bliss Marketplace, of course.

Is today the day for a little bliss? We believe so.


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