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A Very Vintage Christmas

Ceramic house with snow covered roof and pine garland.
Whistle Stop Christmas House

As the holiday season approaches, there's a magical opportunity to turn back the clock and celebrate a Christmas that captures the timeless spirit of yesteryears. A "Very Vintage Christmas" isn't just about adding a retro touch to your festivities; it's about embracing the charm and nostalgia that only vintage decorations can bring. It's about remembering and celebrating the past.

Why Vintage?

In our fast-paced world, vintage items remind us of simpler times, of cherished family traditions, and a profound sense of nostalgia. As we decorate our homes for the holidays, using vintage décor provides a connection to the past, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that resonates with the heartwarming memories of bygone celebrations.

Quality That Lasts

One of the most compelling reasons for incorporating vintage into your holiday décor is the undeniable quality of these items. Vintage ornaments, decorations, and trinkets were often crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail. They were built to last and maintain their beauty over decades. In contrast, many modern holiday decorations are often mass-produced, lacking the same craftsmanship and durability. Todays ornaments and decorations are mostly cheap plastic that will sadly end up in a landfill in the next few year.

Getting Started with a Very Vintage Christmas

Here's how you can bring the charm of vintage to your holiday celebration:

  1. Treasure Hunt: Begin your journey to a vintage Christmas by scouring Bliss Marketplace, Midtown Bliss Home & Gift, Bliss Market Roseville, and even your family's attic for hidden treasures. You'll find everything from glass ornaments to classic aluminum Christmas trees that can add a touch of nostalgia to your holiday. Search for ornaments and decor that you find to be beautiful and that spark your memories.

  2. Mix & Match: Don't feel constrained by a single era or style. Vintage means a range of decades, so feel free to mix and match items from different time periods. A retro aluminum tree pairs wonderfully with delicate Victorian-inspired ornaments. I have actually combined a new, faux prelit tree with my vintage ornaments. It's what I have right now and I want to show off my lovely collection.

  3. Homemade Delights: Handcrafted ornaments and décor have a unique vintage appeal. Get creative with your loved ones, crafting your ornaments with love and personal touch, evoking the spirit of a homemade Christmas from the past. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your children and grandchildren involved. Imagine how special these ornaments will be in ten, twenty or thirty years when they are decorating their own tree and thinking of the time they spent with you.

  4. Embrace Vintage Colors: Classic color schemes like red, green, and gold have been favorites for generations. Incorporate these vintage hues into your decorations, table settings, and even your wardrobe to create an authentic atmosphere. I tend to stick with gold and silver, blue and pink for my color schemes. It's a real treasure when I find my colors out in the wild.

  5. Nostalgic Centerpieces: Antique holiday figurines, vintage Santa Claus figurines, or classic ceramic Christmas trees make for enchanting centerpieces that take you back in time. There is nothing like finding an adorable vintage pink reindeer to add to the collection!

  6. Remember Family Traditions: If you have heirlooms passed down through generations, don't hesitate to showcase them. They carry the stories and memories of your family's holiday celebrations. Don't forget to share their stories with the youngest members of the family. This will insure the memories will be carried on for another generation.

  7. Classic Christmas Tunes: Enhance your vintage Christmas experience with the music of the time. Blast classic Christmas tunes from the '40s or '50s to set the mood. Nothing helps the scene feel more festive than some holiday jams!

  8. Dress the Part: Encourage guests to embrace the vintage theme. Have a "retro" dress code, where everyone can don their favorite festive vintage attire. Ugly sweater anyone??

Button down Christmas sweater with poinettias
Christmas sweater

A Vintage Christmas To Remember

By celebrating a "Very Vintage Christmas," you not only create an enchanting atmosphere in your home but also pay tribute to the timeless traditions of holidays gone by. The quality, history, and nostalgia encapsulated in your vintage holiday décor will make this season truly unforgettable. So, dust off those heirlooms, explore the Bliss shops, and celebrate a Christmas that's both classic and timeless.

5 shelves stuffed full of vintage treasures
Shelf of vintage treasures


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