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By Amy Hanak

With the coming of a new year, we often find ourselves looking back along the path we have traveled as well as forward to the terrain ahead. This can be painful as you consider both the pleasant and the painful memories.

Let’s face it, the recent past has been difficult for so many of us. Yet, the passage of time has shown us that the promise of renewal and happiness, both in ourselves and loved ones. The new year is what guides us forward. Another chance at a new beginning. An opportunity to do something new or become someone new. A possibility of changing something or learning something we've always wanted to.

We know the vintage and antique items you purchase are full of reminders of times and people gone by. These items offer a way to bring past memories into our present spaces and carry them forever into the future with you.

We, at Bliss Marketplace, are grateful to all our customers who have shopped and shared memories and experiences with us over this past year and really, every year we've been in business.

We look forward to the coming year of shopping and sharing with our customers. You are what make our business special. You are the reason we do what we do.

We are hosting a customer appreciation sale in January your honor! Happy New Year!


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