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Mother's Day At Bliss

Mother's Day is just a few days away! Saturday, May 11th and Sunday May 12th, we will be giving out a free flower to all the moms that come to our stores 10am-6pm, while supplies last. We want to celebrate all of you "wonderful, precious, remarkable...

Phenomenal Ladies!"

Since Mother's Day is this Sunday, I thought it would be a great time to feature some of the lovely mother-daughter duos at our stores. Please enjoy some of these touching stories of moms getting to live out their dream with their babies!

You may not know this, but Bliss Marketplace was actually started by a mother-daughter duo!

Before Bliss, Stacy (mother) had been selling at local flea markets and antique shows. She was making just enough to get by, but she couldn't get ahead. Meanwhile, Sydnei (daughter) was an elementary teacher in Fort Worth, TX.

Sydnei had just had her first baby and only got six weeks of maternity leave. She cried when she returned to school, leaving her baby in someone else's care.

After many phone calls back and forth between mother and daughter, it was decided that they would open a vintage store that would satisfy both of their needs as well as enable them to spend more time with family AND provide a space for local makers and vintage vendors.

Bliss opened it's doors a few months later!

Two women in front of an old green pick up truck
Stacy & Sydnei

Angela & Reesa

Hello, I'm Reesa, and my mother, Angela Cleavenger, and I have been a vendor at Midtown Bliss since March 2020. Angela has been in Education for over 30 years and has spent the last 25 as a teacher within the Sacramento City Unified School District. I am graduating this May from graduate school at Duke University's School of Nursing, and was a 2018 Graduate of St. Francis High School. 

We are local to Arden Arcade and before joining Midtown Bliss, were avid fans and shoppers of Bliss Marketplace. In all, we have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the amazing community of Bliss for the past 4 years. We truly couldn't imagine a more loving, supportive, and creative community that uplifts and inspires each other. Some of our favorite memories at Bliss include working at the Dollar Days, coming in on early Sunday mornings to rearrange the booth and having great conversations with fellow vendors, shopping at the various markets to support friends, and attending the annual Holiday celebration and gift exchange. Can't wait for many more amazing years!

A female college grad and her mother
Reesa & Angela

Amy & Geri

This photo was taken the day we started our journey with Bliss in March 2023. It was truly a dream come true for both of us and we couldn’t be happier to be doing this together! We spent days trying to name our space and laughed for hours over some of the names we came up with—we landed on Lynn & Lou’s Loft by combining our middle names. We have had so much fun curating our space and look forward to our weekly time together refreshing our space. Thank you to Bliss and all the vendors/friends that have helped make this even better than we imagined! Amy & Geri

Two women holding a sign
Amy & Geri

Liz & Alyson

Liz Wise and Alyson LaCasse are a mother/daughter duo at Midtown Bliss Marketplace.

Liz is A Wise Touch, Space 80, and her daughter, Alyson is Atomic Revival, Space 5.

Although they each have their own space and style, they enjoy sharing ideas, and thrifting together when they can. They are looking forward to working a shift together, for the first time, on Mother’s Day from 2:00-6:00. Stop in and say hello!

Two women standing in front of trees
Liz & Alyson

Monica & Daughter & Mother

Three generations of thrifters! I grew up thrifting with my mom always grabbing something no one else had. In college I would buy and sell to friends. It’s come full circle with my daughter. She loves coming with us to set up our booth. Being apart of bliss has brought us closer together! 

Monica Rogers aka Wintergreyharlow Midtown Bliss Home & Gifts 96b

a little girl and two women standing in front of a bar
Monica, daughter and mother

Jana & Lacey

Jana Michaelsen and Lacey Perez are working together to open their first booth at Roseville Bliss May 15. You can follow us at @reclaimingvingage on Instagram.

Two women
Faith & Diana

Faith & Diana

We are Faith & Diana, daughter & mother in law duo. We share Booth 8 in Roseville and Booth 4 in Rancho Cordova. We both share a love for vintage: from glass, decor and eclectic items to unique clothing. We have so much fun sourcing every item we have in our booths and appreciate all the support shopping with us!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and mom figures out there!

Two women at Disney
Katie & Gabby

Katie & Gabby

Booth 28: Vintage Runs in the Family!

As a kid, my mom’s idea of a fun family outing was cruising the neighborhood for garage sales or strolling the aisles of an antique mall. Back then, I only cared about the booths with toys— now at age 29, I finally appreciate a good bargain and the never-ending hunt for the perfect vintage piece! My mom and I have so much fun sourcing, researching, and curating our collection— it was only natural that we turn our hobby into a booth at Bliss! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 

Three women
Amy Beth & mom

Amy Beth & Mom

Bring Your Mamma To Bliss This Weekend!

Saturday, May 11th and Sunday May 12th, we will be giving out a free flower to all the moms that come to our stores 10am-6pm, while supplies last.

We want to celebrate all of you "wonderful, precious, remarkable...

Phenomenal Ladies!"

Don't miss out on this enchanting experience! Head on over to see us soon – we can't wait to share the beauty of Mother's Day with you.

White carnations laid on a white background
White Carnations


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