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Here We Grow Again! Bliss Market Opening Spring 2023

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we (Stacy Tomlinson & Sydnei Kelly) are opening a third store, Bliss Market, in Roseville, California in Spring of 2023. Before you ask, YES we are keeping both our store Bliss Marketplace in Rancho Cordova and our store Midtown Bliss Home & Gifts in Midtown Sacramento.

Incredible Location!

This new location is right in the heart of a very busy retail shopping center, Roseville Square, which features retailers such as Trader Joe's, Grocery Outlet and Starbucks. We will be nestled between Once Upon A Child and Blue Zone Sports. This is our first store in a true retail location. I'm sure you will be as excited as us that this location will have both heating and air conditioning! We are planning to be open Wednesday-Sunday at this store.

We are actually having two suites combined into one larger space, about 7,500 square feet. This is smaller than our other two stores and will feature smaller vendor booths to allow as many vendors as possible to occupy this new space.

Why A New Store?

Let me take you back to last summer. Stacy and I were incredibly stressed out with our current two stores. Several of our vendors were unhappy with how ran our business. They were gossiping and spreading rumors about us. Even though we love vintage and loved our business, we were really struggling with handling these negative people.

We became so overwhelmed that we were considering selling our business. We were communicating with a business broker and walking through the beginning stages of listing Bliss.

New Support

At the same time, I had formed a vintage store owner's mastermind group. This is essentially a support group for myself and other vintage and antique mall owners to talk about all the things that go right and wrong with our businesses. In this wonderful new group, these women told me to take back our shop! To kick out any vendor stirring up trouble and not let them ruin this business for us.

We took this advice to heart. Anyone that was creating problems for us, we asked to leave. We've continued this practice so no one steals the joy from our business any longer.

Time To Grow

We had a new outlook on our business and we were high on life. Everything was going so smooth!

Tim, my husband, and I were sitting in his office playing checkers and sipping White Claws when he was like "Why don't you open another store??" I was a little shocked by this, but the more we talked about it, the more it made sense.

I started looking up retail listings in Roseville right then and there. I sent a screen shot to Stacy to see what she would say...

Needless to say, she was all in!

We got in touch with our commercial agent right away. He met with Stacy a week later to see the space. We put in a letter of intent straight away, which started the negotiation process. It took several months to iron out the details. We finally signed a contract mid December. We received the keys to our new space January 2nd.

Now, our contractor is getting to work on the demolition. He is estimating 6-8 weeks before it will be ready for us to start filling with talented, local vendors.

We are estimating we will be open at the end of February or beginning of March.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at Bliss Market Roseville, please visit our Booth Space page.


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