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Finding Our Bliss In Round Top, Texas

It’s hard to say which trip to Round Top Antiques Week has been the best because we always have so much fun. This trip is definitely near the top of the six total trips we’ve taken.

This spring we went with an incredible group of adventurous women. Some of these ladies didn’t know us OR one another, yet they bravely boarded the plane and met us in Austin.

I always plan my flight to arrive several hours before everyone else so I can go get our Mercedes Sprinter van rental to collect everyone from the airport.

On this trip, we had one Bliss vendor that had arrived the night before, so I headed over to collect her from her hotel and we hit the coffee shop to get to know one another and chat about life. After talking for a few hours, we made our way to the Goodwill Outlet of Austin.

That was honestly one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced. Hundreds of people standing around like scavengers racing to get to newly rolled out bins. Both Deb and I laughed as we watched them pounce on their own personal treasures. We stayed for an hour and found our own buried treasure before heading to pick up the rest of the gang.

Once we collected everyone, it was straight to Round Top, baby!!

We stopped for dinner at this cute new Mexican place in Bastrop. We had never been there before, but it had great reviews. We were not disappointed! The food was great and we left fueled up and ready for fun.

10 ladies sitting at a dinner table
Dinner in Bastrop, TX

We continued on to Round Top and made it to our accommodations at The Lone Star Glamp Inn around 8pm. While everyone settled in, Stacy and I prepared a birthday surprise! Two of our travelers- Cindy and Stacie both had birthdays right before the trip. Of course, we just had to celebrate them with chocolate cake and prosecco rose.

Our very first year in Round Top, we woke up early to grab an early breakfast and hit the fields to shop till we dropped. We quickly discovered that Round Top is a sleepy little that is slow to rise. No coffee shops open until 8am. Most vendors don’t even roll up to their tents until 10 or 11am.

Now we take it easy in the mornings. We head out to breakfast at 8am and take our time eating. There is no point in arriving before the vendors do!

After breakfast we hit the fields to shop! There are so many incredible things to look at, drool over, take pictures of and wonder if you should start a new collection.

You never know just what you will find!

This trip, we just happened to find our Bliss, twice! We now almost have enough letters for all three stores. Sadly, someone stole one of the below pictured “b”s.

After a long day of shopping, we headed out to dinner to one of our absolute favorite places- Royer's Round Top Cafe. They serve up some of the juiciest steak and pork chops you've ever had. Their secret ingredient- butter and lots of it!

The next few days were a blur of eating delicious food like pie for breakfast, enjoying walking around mimosas, shopping hard and staying up late chatting.

Then it was time to pack it all up and bring it on home! This has been the only trip we were concerned that we wouldn’t get it all in the truck. Mainly Stacy packed and repacked the Uhaul for over three hours as the sun went down. She still couldn’t get everything in and had to rework it again in the morning before our departure. Thankfully, everything made it in!

As the truck made it’s way back to Sacramento, our weary travelers made their way back to the Austin airport to fly home. We left with full hearts, new friends and empty pocketbooks.

If you want to join us on one of our next adventures, please visit our website. This is our last year offering trips, so don’t delay in securing your spot now.


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