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Christmas Nostalgia

Vintage Elf on one leg in front of bottle brush trees
Christmas Nostalgia

By Amy Hanak

There is nothing quite as powerful as vintage Christmas items to transport us to the nostalgic memories of our childhood. Here are a few of mine: Jolly Santa’s with wrinkly, rubbery faces and velvety-red robes with cotton-like trim. Shimmering metallic tinsel trees with brightly colored mercury glass ornaments. Wooden nutcrackers painted in brilliant, primary colors, and lined up in a row across the mantle.

While your own Christmas objects from childhood may differ from my own, all are nostalgic in their ability to attach to and recreate memories of family, friends, and holidays past. It’s amazing how effective vintage Christmas items are at reconnecting us with our most cherished childhood memories.

Regardless of the particular nostalgic décor of Christmas past that holds memory for you — Bliss Marketplace is sure to have it in store this month. We get it. Christmas memories are special: both past and present.

What brings Holiday nostalgia on for you?


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