Bliss Babes (Vendors)

Sydnei Kelly- Co-Owner

My name is Sydnei and I co-own Bliss Marketplace with my mom, Stacy. I have been collecting vintage items and re-purposing items since I had my first job. It has always been a passion of mine that my mom and I have now turned into our business. I love finding those items that someone is throwing them out and turning them into gold. 

Stacy Tomlinson- Co-Owner

I am co-owner of Bliss with my daughter Sydnei. I have been working in this industry for over 15 years. Before opening Bliss, I was participating in flea markets all over northern California. My style is mostly shabby chic. I love throwing in pops of color as well. 

Angela Taylor & Pearl Beavers- Ruby Lu's Caboodle

Ruby Lu's Caboodle came about when two casual acquaintances met while Pickin'. Angela Taylor brings her talent and upscale color palette to rehabbing furniture. She has a real eye for vintage! Pearl Beavers is a lifelong scavenger. She loves old windows and doors. She keeps her tool box nearby for all the deconstructing and re-purposing. She also belongs to a group called the Gypsy Traders.  These gals are new to Bliss Marketplace and are still fining their niche. Caboodle showcases their eclectic nature of display- farmhouse, mid-century, vintage, old & new. It's a new adventure!

Carole Israel Freeman

When I was a little girl living at home with my family, we used to shop at garage sales and estate
sales looking for treasures. My family still does that today. My parents were very artistic and
creative. Because we didn’t have a lot of money, my Dad would build and design things from
“left overs”; something today that is referenced as upcycling. Some of my most special treasures
are things he either made or drew with charcoal. My Mom to this day (she is 83) crochets every
day. My house is full of her handmade items. I learned to sew in the 7 th grade and still do. My
brother and sisters all like to craft. All of this stayed with me as I grew up. I have had my own
catering company; owned a grill in a bar; sold crafts at shows for the last 12 years; and for the
last 11 years sold vintage and antique items at shows. I do have a full-time job during the week,
but the nights and weekends are spent on my creative side, when I’m not trying to spend time
with my husband, who is a cabinet maker! My new “home” is at Bliss Marketplace, a place that
makes me smile every time I walk through the door.
My booth is a collection of handmade and vintage/antique items. Some things are repurposed.
Some things are there because they make me smile. I love the “old” stuff and their stories of
when they were made and what they were used for. I enjoy the hunt of finding the treasures, and
making things with my hands and trying to come up with new ideas. I truly enjoy sharing the
history of my items. And I hope that our customers will enjoy my items as much as I do.

Charmaine Austin- Camillian

When I was little I would draw the Charles Schultz comic characters, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, until they were coming out of my ears. I drew so many Charlie Browns that I got the nickname of “Chuck” from family and friends. I remember also as a child painting my first mural on my family’s above-ground pool. I believe most anything and everything can be used as an art canvas. Since my childhood I have dabbled in painting watercolors, acrylics, and oils, and have also done work with ceramics, metal, fabric, and other mediums. Being a conservationist, I love to rescue “junque” and re-purpose it into useful pieces.


Studying Business in college left me uninspired, so I decided to switch to a subject that has always been my passion. I earned an art degree from UC Davis and later went on to get a certificate in graphic design from the same university. I love Sacramento and am grateful for the fabulous artists that make Sacramento their home. Wayne Thiebaud, Roland Peterson, Maria Winkler, Esteban Villa, and Gary Pruner are some of the incredible teachers I have had the privilege and honor to study under.


I consider my home to be just another canvas and have left my imprint on pretty much everything around me. I believe that everyone has an artistic is just waiting to be unleashed!

About the Name...

The spelling of my business name happened many years ago when I was working as a florist. Sacramento is famous for its Camellia flower, so I decided to spell “Camellian” like the flower instead of using the spelling of the lizard, “chameleon.” No matter which way it is spelled, the meaning is the same. I will try most any art medium and consider myself to be a “jack of all trades” and maybe a master of some!

Chirs Coil & Clair Pliez- Begin Again Boutique

We started Begin Again Boutique in January 2017. We are sisters and partners all the way in this fun and exciting endeavor! We love to create and "RELOVE" items. Our logo is Begin Again Boutique - Handmade♧Vintage♧Reloved. Us girls believe that creating, painting and merchandising feeds the soul. For both is us, it is an enjoyable outlet. Fall is our favorite time of the year. We are looking forward to bringing in many fun new fall finds!

Cindy de Guzman- California Creations

California Creations was created 27 years ago when I moved to California from Chicago, Illinois. That was when I started sewing craft items.  I’ve been sewing for 56 years and I’m absolutely addicted to sewing.  I mainly concentrate on blankets and quilts these days.   My booth also has aprons, runners, adult bibs, catnip blankets and toys for kitties.   When the weather gets colder, I have fleece blankets for puppies, kitties, kids and adults.   My husband also works with me to build bird houses and side tables from recycled fence boards.  Tables are left rustic, while the bird houses are painted.  We take special orders as well. 

Cotton & Rose- Erica & Gus Szlosek

My husband Gus and I started our vintage business about 2 years ago when we retired. We have loved traveling all over searching out our favorite finds. We have been collectors ourselves so it was a fun transition to look for furniture and treasures we want to share. 

Gus is the furniture restorer and follows in his family's footsteps. His parents ran a small woodworking business and Gus learned his many skills as a result of helping them become successful.  My father was an amazing artist. I did not inherit his talent but I did acquire a unique sense of whimsy and style that I definitely attribute to him.

I love seeking out the many items we stock in our booth.  Keeping the past alive and knowing each treasure has a story just thrills me.  

Gigi Caughman- MMM it!

I actually got started out of boredom. I knew that I could sew,but I surprised myself by being able to make other crafts by visually dissecting it and improving it. I taught myself to crochet and took a beginning class in knitting.

In the beginning I tried a partner in craft shows, but I'm too much of a control freak to make it work. Mind you she thought it was funny but I didn't want our friendship to dissolve, so we called it quits and just did separate booth but same shows. We still bounce ideas around when she or I is stuck on a project.  I made sure I don't make or carry any of her products. I do mostly crafts like anything to do with sewing and crocheting.  What is your specialty? My specialty is creating cosplay costumes. I watch and study the character, sketch the costume and make it. A lot of times there's hardly any picture of the characters costume in front, back and side view, so I end up going thru a lot of show footage (Agh!) Did I mention that I'm OCD when it comes to making costumes.


It makes me happy and I get a feeling of accomplishment, love the friendly bragging right when you nail the costumes. It's a lot of hard work, like researching the costume I'll be making.  Sometimes the cosplay show is hard to watch especially if you don't care for it.  My son caught me fast forwarding one of the cosplay show he want a costumes from.  He was not happy, LOL! Ops! busted! (I'll attach some of the costumes i made)


My grandmother 1st taught me how to sew by hand.  I've been sewing since I was 12yrs, got more serious about it in my 20s. As for crocheting I started in my late 30s and have not stop since. I have four children and two grandchildren. I enjoying making crafts and I love it when it brings a smile to my family, friends and customers when they receive/purchase one of my crafts.

Upcycle Sisters- Brenda Stayner & Suzanne Corbin

We are the Upcycle Sisters, but the first thing to tell you is that we aren’t really sisters!  However, we are kindred spirits who have lots in common.  For years, we have both refinished furniture and done crafts, but only decided last year to venture into selling. Our booth is full of items we have found that needed some love and attention to return them to their glory, upcycled into something new.  Brenda loves to paint and stencil. Suzanne loves to shop, sew & re-imagine.  Together we have created

an eclectic mix of ever-changing items for you in our little space.

Viveca Murphy- Pink Floor Studio

My name is Viveca. I've been collecting and selling vintage finds for over 20 years. When I lived in Sebasopol in Sonoma county I had booths at The Summer Cottage in Petaluma and The Antique Society in Sebastopol.   My studio had a fabulous pink floor ... thus the name of my business became "Pink Floor Studio". After my husband passed away I moved to Woodland and re-created my Pink Floor Studio in my new home.  


 The most fun part of this business is the "hunt" for vintage treasures that my customers will love. I love to pass on my bargains!  I seem to have an obsession with buttons.  Over the years I've collected 12 suitcases full. You will always find buttons in my booth.  I also love childhood memories so you will always see vintage childhood finds in my space. I still have a LOT of great finds in my studio you can see from the picture...It's not hoarding if it's organized!!

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