Bliss Babes (Vendors)


Sydnei Kelly


My name is Sydnei and I co-own Bliss Marketplace with my mom, Stacy. I have been collecting vintage items and re-purposing items since I had my first job. It has always been a passion of mine that my mom and I have now turned into our business. I love finding those items that someone is throwing them out and turning them into gold. 


Stacy Tomlinson


I am co-owner of Bliss with my daughter Sydnei. I have been working in this industry for over 15 years. Before opening Bliss, I was participating in flea markets all over northern California. Prior to that, I had my own vintage shop in Historic Folsom. My style is mostly shabby chic. I understand that my customers are looking for classic white pieces that will fit well in any space.  I also love throwing in pops of color from time to time. 

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Angela Taylor & Pearl Beavers

Ruby Lu's Caboodle

Ruby Lu's Caboodle came about when two casual acquaintances met while Pickin'. Angela Taylor brings her talent and upscale color palette to rehabbing furniture. She has a real eye for vintage! Pearl Beavers is a lifelong scavenger. She loves old windows and doors. She keeps her tool box nearby for all the deconstructing and re-purposing. She also belongs to a group called the Gypsy Traders.  These gals are new to Bliss Marketplace and are still fining their niche. Caboodle showcases their eclectic nature of display- farmhouse, mid-century, vintage, old & new. It's a new adventure!


Carole Israel Freeman

Carole's Curio

When I was a little girl living at home with my family, we used to shop at garage sales and estate
sales looking for treasures. My family still does that today. My parents were very artistic and
creative. Because we didn’t have a lot of money, my Dad would build and design things from
“left overs”; something today that is referenced as upcycling. Some of my most special treasures
are things he either made or drew with charcoal. My Mom to this day (she is 83) crochets every
day. My house is full of her handmade items. I learned to sew in the 7 th grade and still do. My
brother and sisters all like to craft. All of this stayed with me as I grew up. I have had my own
catering company; owned a grill in a bar; sold crafts at shows for the last 12 years; and for the
last 11 years sold vintage and antique items at shows. I do have a full-time job during the week,
but the nights and weekends are spent on my creative side, when I’m not trying to spend time
with my husband, who is a cabinet maker! My new “home” is at Bliss Marketplace, a place that
makes me smile every time I walk through the door.

My booth is a collection of handmade and vintage/antique items. Some things are repurposed.
Some things are there because they make me smile. I love the “old” stuff and their stories of
when they were made and what they were used for. I enjoy the hunt of finding the treasures, and
making things with my hands and trying to come up with new ideas. I truly enjoy sharing the
history of my items. And I hope that our customers will enjoy my items as much as I do.


Cindy DeGuzman

California Creations

California Creations was created 27 years ago when I moved to California from Chicago, Illinois. That was when I started sewing craft items.  I’ve been sewing for 56 years and I’m absolutely addicted to sewing.  I mainly concentrate on blankets and quilts these days.   My booth also has aprons, runners, adult bibs, catnip blankets and toys for kitties.   When the weather gets colder, I have fleece blankets for puppies, kitties, kids and adults.   My husband also works with me to build bird houses and side tables from recycled fence boards.  Tables are left rustic, while the bird houses are painted.  We take special orders as well. 


Erica & Gus Szlosek

Cotton & Rose

My husband Gus and I started our vintage business about 2 years ago when we retired. We have loved traveling all over searching out our favorite finds. We have been collectors ourselves so it was a fun transition to look for furniture and treasures we want to share. 

Gus is the furniture restorer and follows in his family's footsteps. His parents ran a small woodworking business and Gus learned his many skills as a result of helping them become successful.  My father was an amazing artist. I did not inherit his talent but I did acquire a unique sense of whimsy and style that I definitely attribute to him.

I love seeking out the many items we stock in our booth.  Keeping the past alive and knowing each treasure has a story just thrills me.  


Gigi Caughman


I actually got started out of boredom. I knew that I could sew, but I surprised myself by being able to make other crafts by visually dissecting it and improving it. I taught myself to crochet and took a beginning class in knitting.

In the beginning I tried a partner in craft shows, but I'm too much of a control freak to make it work. Mind you she thought it was funny but I didn't want our friendship to dissolve, so we called it quits and just did separate booth but same shows. We still bounce ideas around when she or I is stuck on a project.  I made sure I don't make or carry any of her products. I do mostly crafts like anything to do with sewing and crocheting.  What is your specialty? My specialty is creating cosplay costumes. I watch and study the character, sketch the costume and make it. A lot of times there's hardly any picture of the characters costume in front, back and side view, so I end up going thru a lot of show footage (Agh!) Did I mention that I'm OCD when it comes to making costumes.


It makes me happy and I get a feeling of accomplishment, love the friendly bragging right when you nail the costumes. It's a lot of hard work, like researching the costume I'll be making.  Sometimes the cosplay show is hard to watch especially if you don't care for it.  My son caught me fast forwarding one of the cosplay show he want a costumes from.  He was not happy, LOL! Ops! busted! (I'll attach some of the costumes i made)


My grandmother 1st taught me how to sew by hand.  I've been sewing since I was 12yrs, got more serious about it in my 20s. As for crocheting I started in my late 30s and have not stop since. I have four children and two grandchildren. I enjoying making crafts and I love it when it brings a smile to my family, friends and customers when they receive/purchase one of my crafts.


Viveca Murphy 

Pink Floor Studio

California Creations was created 27 years ago when I moved to California from Chicago, Illinois. That was when I started sewing craft items.  I’ve been sewing for 56 years and I’m absolutely addicted to sewing.  I mainly concentrate on blankets and quilts these days.   My booth also has aprons, runners, adult bibs, catnip blankets and toys for kitties.   When the weather gets colder, I have fleece blankets for puppies, kitties, kids and adults.   My husband also works with me to build bird houses and side tables from recycled fence boards.  Tables are left rustic, while the bird houses are painted.  We take special orders as well. 

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Lori Lindsley

The Eclectique Shoppe

Combining rustic with refined, and bringing forward eras past into present design is a passion of mine. 


My hand-poured eco-friendly candles achieve this outcome, as they celebrate nostalgic days gone by while relishing the sensory with aromas that delight today. 


As eclectic people, we cherish talented artisans from near and far. These craftsmen enrich our homes with rich textures, eye catching patterns, and delightful pops of color. We also desire to acquire these unique treasures to give as gifts to the ones we love. 


Thank you for visiting my Eclectique Shoppe where rustic and refined is intertwined with you the customer in mind. I hope you enjoy savouring my wide variety of candle fragrances and treasures from all over the world.


Glenda Hood

From Years Past

About 8 years ago I started painting furniture for myself. I enjoyed it so much that I started thinking about making it a business. I thought of renting a booth numerous times, but felt so nervous about it. I finally built up the courage to rent my first booth in Folsom and then shortly after that, became a vendor at Bliss. 

My primary focus is high-quality painted furniture. I want every customer that purchases my furniture pieces to have something that will last for years to come. I also enjoy ordering beautiful new pieces to add variety to my space. 

I would describe my style as a cross over of French country and farmhouse. I really enjoy seeing all the ornate details as I distress a piece. I also love ultra-feminine home décor pieces. 


Felicia Wheeler

Painted Nail Projects

I got started when I bought some ugly project pieces to repurpose for myself. I continued to purchase pieces until they began taking over my garage. I decided I had to start selling my creations to get some normalcy back in my house.


I like to sell whatever catches my eye. I am drawn to fun, girly and colorful pieces. I enjoy treasure hunting and setting up funky displays in my space. 

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Jessica Cordis & Debra Johnson

Home Town Girls

Home Town Girls is a collaboration between mother and daughter. We were customers at Bliss first and then decided "We can do this!" We have officially been here for one year now!

Our focus is on small home décor pieces and gifts, but we really dabble in everything. Debra enjoys sewing and creates darling aprons and dog bandanas. Jessica enjoys staging the booth with all the beautiful pieces and will regularly spend hours preparing for our big openings. 

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Susanne George

Greeting Card Artist

I have been creating original artwork for my greeting cards for over 15 years. I originally came into Bliss to sell these handmade cards. I started with a small card stand by the front door and have now grown to two booths. 

I would describe my booths as very peaceful and meditative. I like to stock my space with Indian, Indonesian, and natural things. I am really inspired by relaxing and calming artwork. 


Mary Oliver

Recycled Jewelry

I have always been a maker and a entrepreneur. I would create things as a child and sell them to my neighbors. I became a Bliss Babe in July 2017 and have been here ever since!

I specialize in recycled jewelry. I enjoy taking old type writer parts and buttons and creating unique bracelets and necklaces for my customers. I also order a funky line of jewelry that utilizes interchangeable snaps to personalize your look. 

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Kim P

Maple Ridge Vintage

My love of vintage comes from my grandparent's farmhouse in upstate New York that was located on Maple Ridge. Their home still has a special place in my heart and continues to inspire me.


I would say my style is mainly 50s & 60's. I love all things colorful and whimsical. My space at Bliss is definitely a reflection of my love of color. 

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Sherri McMahon & Cyndi Fischer


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Jewelry Closeup

Kara P


My father would sell at our local antique fair, where I would occasionally go with him. I started creating jewelry and paper goods for fun. I used to be be a buyer for our family Ben Franklin Craft. My combined background led me to become a vendor at Bliss after retiring from my corporate job. 

I still feature pieces of my jewelry in my booth along with found treasures. I have two booths that have completely different styles. My Midtown booth is more of a bohemian style with neutrals, wicker baskets, and clay pieces. My Rancho Cordova booth is lighter and features white furniture pieces and bright home decor options. 


Monique Mongolo

Elentari Studio

My business really grew out of all things magical. I have a background in theatrical makeup, which really delves into colors, glitter and wings. I really like the idea of an escape to a magical realm. I started creating fairy gardens about seven years ago. I used to have a cute little cottage that I created my very first enchanted fairy garden. 

My ultimate goal is to bring a little magic into the lives of whoever purchases my fairy gardens. I believe you are never too old for a little magic. 

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Angela Taylor

Vintage Image Heritage

My name is Angela Taylor and my booth is located on Aisle 4 #55. My mission is to create a pleasurable and high-quality shopping experience for Bliss Marketplace customers. To accomplish this, I curate beautiful, interesting, eclectic items to share. As a retired state employee from CalRecycle, I especially enjoy the ability to continue helping the environment by discovering gems that, with a little restorative care, once again become valued added to a home rather than valueless in a landfill.


My passions within this small cottage business are restoring furniture, upcycling beds into benches (because the world needs more benches!), paper crafting, designing treasured artistic junk journals, and preserving vintage graphics through my Etsy Shop, “VintageImageHeritage”.


Melisa Conwell


I’ve always enjoyed home decor, crafting, and finding unique items and Bliss encompasses all of those things.  I’ve been at Bliss since 2017 and I love the community of people and being able to share our talents. 

Some of my favorite things to showcase in my booth are vintage kitchenware, unique wall decor, mixed metals & wood.  I’m also known for my upcycled denim jackets with lace and upcycled notebooks made from old books.

My daughter Taryn also has a shelf at Bliss and we enjoy working on on our spaces together.


Barbara Briggs

Retired Nurse

My mom, my aunts,  my cousins, and I enjoyed Ed many a country flea market country auctions and vintage shops from an early age. The love of junking is still a passion in my family! My mother taught me to sew and upholster, my dad taught me to refinish furniture.
I learned some basic carpentry skills and the love of creating and up-cycling.


To unwind after a long day of nursing, I would work in the garden or restoring furniture.
Both of these hobbies have turned into a business doing several vintage shows a year to go along with Bliss Monthly Market.


I travel all over the country to find unique vintage treasures! Now I will be hiring a vintage trailer on my buying trips!